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Strathclyde Ulijn Group, June 2014

Welcome to the Ulijn Group website. We develop molecular materials and systems using simple biological building blocks with unique properties, such as adaptability, transient responsiveness and molecular recognition. These properties open up new applications in wide ranging areas ranging from biomedicine to nanotechnology. [Group Members and Full Biography]


Ulijn Group at ASRC

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The Ulijn group's ASRC labs are quickly gathering critical mass. With the imaging suite and soft nano labs now up and running we are looking forward to a productive summer. Welcome to the new group members! [Read more]

Publication spotlight

Biocatalytic Pathway Selection in Transient Tripeptide Nanostructures

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In Babis' latest paper published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition, we demonstrate sequence-dependent kinetic pathway selection in chemically fueled catalytic self-assembly of tripeptides. The systems are catalyzed by a-chymotrypsin and driven by hydrolysis of dipeptide aspartyl-phenylalanine-methyl ester (the sweetener aspartame, DF-OMe) in which the control of the lifetime of the nanostructures is dictated by chemical design. Mimicking the unique features of these systems may open up opportunities to create supramolecular systems for non-equilibrium motility and shape control.