Welcome to the Ulijn Group website. The work in our group is focused on the development of minimalistic molecular materials and systems that are inspired by biology and have unique properties, such as adaptability, molecular recognition and programmability. These properties open up exciting new applications in wide ranging areas ranging from biomedicine to nanotechnology. [Group Members and Full Biography]

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Nanoscientists Move into the New ASRC Building

After a decade of planning, the ASRC building has been completed. Today, the first researchers of the Nanoscience Initiative, under direction of Dr Rein Ulijn, have moved into the building. [Read more]

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New Paper!

Transient Supramolecular Reconfiguration of Peptide Nanostructures Using Ultrasound

Babis' latest paper has been highlighted in the inside front cover of the second issue of Materials Horizons. In this paper, he demonstrates the use of oscillating pressure waves to trigger transient supramolecular reconfigurations of aromatic dipeptide amphiphiles, with the original nanostructures reformed when the sound is switched off.

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