Welcome to the Ulijn Group website. The work in our group is focused on the development of minimalistic molecular materials and systems that are inspired by biology and have unique properties, such as adaptability, molecular recognition and programmability. These properties open up exciting new applications in wide ranging areas ranging from biomedicine to nanotechnology. [Group Members and Full Biography]

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Rein Ulijn is moving to New York City in September 2014, joining the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center, now nearing completion. He will direct the Nanoscience Initiative which will focus on the development of biomimetic and adaptive nanosystems. Please contact Prof Ulijn for inquiries related to PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty opportunities. Read more here.

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New Paper!

Shuo's latest paper as published in ACS Nano demonstrates that aromatic peptide amphiphiles that can stabilise emulsions through a new mechanism- by formation of nanofibrous networks at the organic/aqueous interface. The emulsions are produced by hand shaking of a biphasic solvent system for a few seconds and the emulsions formed remain stable for months. Altering the dipeptide sequence has a dramatic effect on the properties of the emulsions. The interfacial networks facilitate highly tunable and stable encapsulation and compartmentalization with potential applications in cosmetics, therapeutics and food industry. This work was recently covered in Chemistry World.

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