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Welcome to the Ulijn Group website. Our lab is focused on the use of simple versions of the molecular building blocks of life to produce materials and systems with controllable structural, photonic, electronic, and biological properties. These properties open up wide-ranging applications in energy, biomedicine, environmental protection, food, cosmetics, and personal care. [Group Members and Full Biography]

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@asrc_gc is seeking to recruit two highly motivated postdoctoral scholars to research systems-based design of biomolecular modalities and materials. Researchers who have experience or interests that bridge computation/theory and experiment are especially encouraged to consider these positions.

Come and join us in NYC! Apply here.

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Publication Spotlight

Simple and Green Biofunctionalization of Graphene

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In his latest publication, Kenny describes a simple and green covalent biofunctionalization method to “plant a forest” of amphiphilic tripeptides on the surface of graphene and create stable dispersion through an aqueous enzymatic oxidation approach that is facilitated by a tyrosine phenol side chain. Kenny was able to formulate a peptide design rule necessary for dispersing graphene. Aside from tyrosine in which is necessary for covalent attachment after enzymatic oxidation, a second aromatic/aliphatic side chain group is required to enhance functionalization through non-covalent support via hydrophobic interactions with the graphene surface. Furthermore, the addition of charged moieties from terminal groups or ionizable amino acids stimulates profound interaction with water, which leads to an exceptionally stable graphene dispersion in aqueous solutions for months.

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